Couples Therapy In Chester

In couples/relationship counselling I work with both partners, over the age of eighteen, to deal with problems that are affecting the relationship. Any type of relationship can benefit from relationship counselling, irrespective of marital status, age, sexual orientation or race.

Couples I Work With






Living Together



Divorced or Divorcing

The Sorts of Couple Issues I Work With

Deciding whether you want to stay together

Improving on how you communicate with each other

Premarital concerns-concerns regarding having/raising children

Anger-Conflict-Assertiveness-Withdrawal-Aggression-Sulking-Intimacy emotional,Verbal and Physical Abuse

Power Issues

Gender role identity

Feelings of being: Suffocated-Abandoned-Rejected-Ignored

Feelings of Distrust: Jelousy-Possessiveness-Fear of Rejection-Fear of Loss-Anxiety-Sadness

Sexual Difficulties

Compatibility Issues

The Way I Work With Couples

The way I work with couples depends upon the needs of the individual couple concerned. I am flexible regarding how we will work together and we will discuss this between us in our initial assessment session.